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The School endeavors to provide the most outstanding level of piano teaching.  Children are introduced to the music of the Piano Masters in each era of History as well as the fun of playing modern music of their choosing.

Our experienced Teachers prepare the students for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams for Grades 1 through 10.  This is an excellent goal for each child in their development.  

Preparation for local competitions is encouraged, as well as participation in duet playing and concerts.

Master Classes are held where the students have a chance to play for their peers.  The Teacher presides and gives useful instruction that everyone can gain from.

A supportive environment has been successfully established to help the children advance in their studies.

Meet Our Teachers

Our Piano program is designed and delivered by Mrs. Butler (left), Mr. Sawich (middle) , Ms. May (right) & Mrs. Maria, certified piano teachers.
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