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The goal of the English program is to help engage the students; develop their skills, stimulate and inspire unique and creative ideas, and build confidence, by using unique, customized, and individual approaches.


Students in the English program develop their communication ability in four skills areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Classes emphasize active, participatory learning that encourages students, grades 1-12, to use their growing English skills both during class and through assignments that require students to practice their English outside of class hours.

The unique feature of the ArtN'Smart English program is the concentration on building and developing language skills using world classic literature; preparing the students for day-school activities thus easing their success in achieving marks; and giving knowledge beyond curriculum.


Meet Our Teachers

The ArtNSmart all-ages English program is designed and delivered by Ms. Margarita (left), an OCT certified teacher with over 10 years of experience and Mrs Saba (right), a seasoned teacher at a Montesorri school.

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