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2024 Summer Programs (Camps) 

Introducing to our exciting summer camp program! Designed for children aged 4-12, our camp offers fun activities, outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, and memorable experiences for every young child.


Art N'Smart kids excel in school and beyond

With small class sizes, qualified and passionate teachers, and a welcoming and engaging environment, Art N’ Smart is sure to help your child reach their full potential. 


Large Variety, Small Class Sizes

Art N’ Smart offers many subjects in languages, math, and the arts. Your child can be placed in a class that is well-suited to their abilities and their learning goals. Each class is limited in size, allowing for teachers to target your child’s individual learning needs and help them to succeed. Small class sizes also mean that students are always engaged in learning activities, and are able to accelerate their learning.

Qualified and Passionate Teachers

Art N’ Smart staff are certified in their  subjects, and have many years of experience teaching children. At Art N’ Smart, our staff are choosing to teach after school, on weekends, and during the summer months because they love helping students to learn, grow, and reach their goals. Teachers design and deliver unique curriculum that is catered to the unique composition of their classes and the individual needs of students. In this way, they are able to to both help students who may need it, or challenge students looking to excel. 

Warm and Engaging Environment

Art N’ Smart Academy will make you and your child feel welcome the moment you step through the door. It doesn’t take long for new students to get to know their teachers and classmates and build strong social connections with them. While at Art N’ Smart, students will not only develop their academic skills, but also develop a sense of belonging and friendship. 

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